Regional Referee and U-8 Referee Training




AYSO Region 144 (South Irvine)


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Region 144 is pleased to announce our September schedule for referee training classes as listed below.





SAT Sept 22nd

University Park Community Center

1, 3

2PM – 330PM (1)
330PM - 530PM (3)

MON Sept 24th

Heritage Park Community Center


630PM – 830PM

MON Sept 24th

Woodbridge Village Association

1, 5


WED Sept 26th

Las Lomas Community Center

1, 5

630PM – 930PM


Session 1: Game of soccer and AYSO philosophy (AYSO modules 2 & 13)

Mechanical Aspects of the Game (AYSO module 8)

Pre game preparation, starting, stopping and restarting the game

(AYSO modules 3, 4, 5, 6 & 9)

Referee and Asst Referee Mechanics and Post Game (AYSO modules 12 & 7)

Session 2: Fouls and Misconducts (Module 10)

Offside (Module 11)

Session 3: Field Work (All Modules and Sessions)

Session 4: Safe Haven (Module 1) on-line only. You will need to study for and pass the test available online at before coming to the final certification test under session 5 below. Please bring a printout for the certificate of completion of Safe Haven training from the AYSO National website.

Session 5: Test and Equipment Distribution

You will need to attend at least ONE class of each SESSION and finally take the TEST in order to qualify as a Regional Referee.

If you are trying to get U-8 certification only, you can skip session 2. However, please note that you cannot be a center referee or assistant referee in a U-10 or higher age group games with U-8 certification, nor can you collect referee points for your team per our new referee point system.