AYSO Region 144
5405 Alton Pkwy
Suite 5A, Box 476
Irvine, CA 92604

E-Mail Us at: support@aysoirvine.org or call us at US +1  9497424252  Call .  You will get a faster response if you use Email.  Registration cannot be done over the phone.  Our region only accepts registration and payment of registration fees online.  We are not staffed to handle manual registrations.

If you have a question about which team your son or daughter is on or you have not heard from your Coach, e-mail the appropriate Commissioner below. If you are not sure about which division your son or daughter is in : Click Here

BM denotes Board Member

Responsibility   Name EMail
Regional Commissioner BM Don Kelley donkelley@cox.net
Assistant Regional Commissioner and
Director of Area Play
BM Brian Hoshiko brian@hoshiko.net
Assistant Regional Commissioner and
Director of U10/U12/U14
BM Mark Avichouser mlavichouser@cox.net
Assistant Regional Commissioner and
Director of U6/U7/U8
BM Matt Eakin matteakin@cox.net
Assistant Regional Commissioner and
AYSO Plus Commissioner
BM Mike Schaffer mikekana@cox.net
Safety Director BM Steve Berger sberger7@yahoo.com
Regional Referee Administrator BM Kushal Dutta rra@aysoirvine.org
Member at Large BM Doug Hilliard doughilliard@cox.net
Member at Large BM Jay Jones jayljones@cox.net
Member at Large BM Saul Barajas scw_b@yahoo.com
Equipment Director BM Kana Schaffer mikekana@cox.net
Webmaster BM Mark Council Webmaster
Regional Registrar BM Genny Armand Registrar
Child Volunteer Protection Advocate BM Erik Charles echarles14@cox.net
Director of Coach/Player Training   Seymour Rosenstrauch zulu7@mindspring.com
Coach Administrator BM Alan Sadeghi coach.alan@sbcglobal.net
SC3A Representative   Jon Szczuka SC3A Representative
Treasurer BM Mark Harvey treasurer@aysoirvine.org
Fields Administrator BM Hiep Vu fields@aysoirvine.org
Regional Secretary    
VIP Director BM  Jay Scott  jrs36@cox.net
Director of Fund Raising BM Greg Bosbonis gpbosbonis@cox.net
Referee Board
Referee Administrator BM Kushal Dutta rra@aysoirvine.org
Referee Administrator Support   Talene Stone rrahelp@aysoirvine.org
Referee Advisor   Stuart Dale snjdale@aol.com
Referee Volunteers   Boaz Meir bmeir1963@hotmail.com
Referee Assessment   Joe Kazzi jkazzi@hotmail.com
Referee Instruction   Dave Youngs daveyoungs@cox.net
Referee Equipment   Kushal Dutta rra@aysoirvine.org
Area Q Referee Administrator   Rob McAuley Area Q Ref Administrator
Members at Large   Michael Fuller mafuller@uci.edu
Members at Large   Mark Council webmaster@aysoirvine.org
Youth Referees   Marc Kelly marc@iagcorp.com
Boys Commissioner's      (Not sure about which division your son is in : Click Here)
BU19   Steve Berger sberger7@yahoo.com
BU16   Steve Berger sberger7@yahoo.com
BU14   Hiep Vu fields@aysoirvine.org
BU12    Mike Schaffer mikekana@cox.net
BU10   Pablo Rodriguez rodriguezdc@hotmail.com
BU10 (Assistant Commissioner)   Steve Berger sberger7@yahoo.com
BU8   Keith Boothroyd kjboothroyd@yahoo.com
BU7   Pearl Rosenstrauch prosenstrauch@gmail.com
BU6   David Shiokari ddcapital@cox.net
BU5   Holly Hoch hollyhoch@cox.net 
Girls Commissioner's      (Not sure about which division your daughter is in : Click Here)
GU19   Doug Hilliard doughilliard@cox.net
GU16   Doug Hilliard doughilliard@cox.net
GU14   Mark Avichouser mlavichouser@cox.net
GU12   Larry Whittaker larrywhittaker@cox.net
GU10   Ray Saito rsaito@sbcglobal.net
GU10 (Assistant Commissioner)   Doug Hilliard doughilliard@cox.net
GU8   Brian Skelton marynbrian@cox.net
GU7   Holly Hoch hollyhoch@cox.net 
GU6   Shinji Takahashi STakahashi@smcusa.com 
GU5   Holly Hoch hollyhoch@cox.net 
Boys Referee's by Division      ((Not sure about which division your son is in : Click Here)
BU19 Referee   Joe Kazzi jkazzi@hotmail.com
BU16 Referee   Joe Kazzi jkazzi@hotmail.com
BU14 Referee   Fernando De La Fuente delafuente@Shur-Lok.com
BU12 Referee   Michael Fuller mafuller@uci.edu
BU10 Referee   Ros Bregozzo rbregozzo@cox.net
 BU 8 Referee    OPEN  
Girls Referee's by Division      (Not sure about which division your daughter is in: Click Here)
GU19 Referee   Kushal Dutta rra@aysoirvine.org
GU16 Referee   Kushal Dutta rra@aysoirvine.org
GU14 Referee   Kevin McKown mckown@cox.net
GU12 Referee   Kevin McKown mckown@cox.net
GU10 Referee   OPEN  
 GU 8 Referee    OPEN  
Divisional Referee for APP   Marc Kelly marc@iagcorp.com